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Our answer for the facial detox is here our MIRACLE FACE MASK POWDER.

Powder masks  have the transformative ability to be customized to your exact needs. Their dry make-up puts you in the drivers’ seat and allows you to control everything including the texture, activator, and additives.

Our face mask powder is suitable for all skin types and the dormant powder activates in accordance with the additives added to mix it making it ideal for different skin types.

Our face mask powder comes with clear instructions on how to use and how to mix making the experience highly desirable with maximum results.


Main ingredients and their properties:

KAOLIN CLAY: Kaolin clay has been used for centuries to absorb excess oil from the skin, preventing breakouts before they begin. It's also perfect for helping to restore skin that's been damaged by frequent outbreaks of acne. Some have found that regular use helps to balance their skin's oil production, reducing oily skin symptoms. With regular use, Kaolin can help brighten your skin by reduces inflammation, increase circulation, and absorbing excess oil.


FRENCH YELLOW CLAY: French Yellow Clay is considered to be a powerful cleanser which draws out impurities from the skin while the essential minerals within the clay are released. It sloughs off dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, and tightens & tones the skin, leaving it feeling smooth, fresh, and radiant. French Green Clay is a natural exfoliant that gently removes dead skin cells from the skin's outer surface, the epidermis. It helps to naturally exfoliate the dry skin layer and increase circulation, leaving your skin looking and feeling soft and moisturized.


ALOVERA POWDER: On a cosmetic level, aloe vera's anti-inflammatory and analgesic qualities can help to alleviate skin ailments like psoriasis, itchy rashes, sunburn, and dryness. The polysaccharides found in aloe vera gel and powder even encourage regeneration of skin tissue.

  • anti-inflammatory
  • reduces scarring in burns; skin ulcers and other lesions
  • relieves pain from burns such as sunburn and helps these to heal quickly by stimulating fibroblast and connective tissue formation, and by stimulating the epidermal growth and repair process
  • has rejuvenating effects
  • has been shown to have an invigorating effect on skin when applied on a regular basis
  • excellent emollient, making it soothing and calming to the skin
  • antiseptic and antibacterial, acting against a number of different bacteria and fungi


PINEAPPLE POWDER: Pineapples contain the fruit enzyme 'bromelain' which hydrolyses proteins and digests dead cells on the surface of the skin. Bromelain is classed as a protein in cosmetics and functions as a skin conditioning and lytic agent. It is used mainly as an exfoliate and to sooth inflamed, sore skin. Pineapple's are rich in AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) that exfoliate dead skin cells. ... It contains pineapple fruit enzymes (proteolytic plant enzymes) that remove dead skin cells and brighten your skin. 6. Clearer Complexion: Pineapple juice is loaded with an enzyme known as Bromelain. Has high qualities of skin lightening and brightening.


ALLANTOIN :Extracted from the root of the comfrey plant, Allantoin is a non-irritating ingredient that soothes and protects the skin. With the ability to help heal the skin and stimulate the growth of new tissue, it's a great all-rounder for keeping skin at the top of its game.

Most notably, allantoin is considered an effective moisturizing ingredient when used in skincare, and its gentle, non-irritating qualities make it an excellent addition to anti-aging products for those with sensitive or easily irritated skin. Additionally, allantoin is a known keratolytic, meaning that it can increase the water content of cells while also aiding in the process of desquamation of the outer layers of skin. Allantoin may also help to:

  • Increase skin smoothness
  • Aid in wound healing
  • Promote cell proliferation and longevity


ROSE POWDER: Soothes Skin Irritations: It helps to do away with skin irritations like dermatitis, eczema etc., the rose petal powder helps treat acne and other breakouts while maintaining the pH balance of the skin. • Works As A Natural Beauty Essential: The rose petal powder works as the all in one beauty essential for the skin.Rose Petal Powder is created from finest rose petals. A natural skin toner, helps in skin inflammation. ... Rose petals are rich in vitamin C and other anti-oxidants that fight off free radicals, skin irritants, excess sebum and germs. It moisturizes your skin, and is good for sensitive skin.


This power house mix of wonder powder indeed makes this mask a miracle.





Please mix with equal parts of rose water and cold milk and make it a paste and apply evenly on the face .Let It dry for 15 min and wet the face a bit if too dry and then start exfoliating in upward circular motions for deep cleansing .Wash off with luke warm water or milk for better results .

Apply our Acai facial serum for deep nourishment.




Please mix the powder with olive oil or almond oil and and make it a paste and apply evenly on the face .Let It dry for 15 min and wet the face a bit if too dry and then start exfoliating in upward circular motions for deep cleansing .Wash off with luke warm water or milk for better results.


Apply our second skin facial balm for locking in the moisture and glow.



Always wash your face with our cleansing balm or soap before applying the face mask and finish it off with facial serum and moisturiser .





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